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This page is not meant as a glorification of the work I do but rather to reflect and reassure people of the genuine cause and the expected apprehension you the potential contributor might feel. Whilst there are a few very good and concise trees on the internet, there are so many broken up and incorrect representative trees, it is hard to know what or whom to trust.
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Kyle Joustra
2017-02-25 16:52:45

If you blindly believe what you read without taking into context when and why something was written then all sorts of misguidance will take place. After heavily researching, at first taking the DBU Journals at face value and then multiple if not hundreds of errors, deliberate omissions and factual issues the bigger picture takes place. For the Ferdinands family documented proof that the name took several variations from its original Ferdinandus coupled again with documented information that he is listed as a Native Soldier under the VOC. The practice during the Portuguese period of forced conversion and taking on the surnames of their masters, DNA evidence of 14% Indian etc. What is also saying is all DBU families were from VOC employment when in fact there is English, Scottish and Irish families from the British Period. Finally remeber the DBU Journals were written post 1900 in a British Social System, coupled with a great volume evidence of tampering with the genealogies including Altendorff's own work contradicting, Church records and Blaze's evidence, hence why i started this work to as correctly as possible represent known data, facts and information in its entirity.
As far as the spelling of Sinhalese i take that with no problem and will watch Autocorrect in future.
2017-02-25 06:45:48
Who said Ferdinand is a Sinhalese name knows nothing about genealogy I have records going from Ceylon to Holland (VOC) from there to Belgium and finally to Austria. Furthermore he cannot even spell Sinhalese correctly. Spelling it Singalese. Even the DBU records gets the genealogy correct. The first descendant named Johannes Ferdinands (Vryman). Under the administration of the VOC
Georgina Watkins
2016-12-28 06:17:36
I used the 2nd Ceylon regiment info about ten years ago. My latest info is different, so I wondered where yours stems from? In records of British army/navy 1730-1960 is a letter to Lord Palmerston, Secretary at War, Charles William Lewis Roberts handwritten by his wife detailing his career after his death. He was only 1st & 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Ceylon according to her. He as also in Gun Lascars and Jaffna Independent Company. Many thanks for a wonderful site
Allan Schumacher
2016-05-29 20:02:00
Dear Kyle,
I've just stumbled across your site whilst trying to piece together one side of my family tree which I can trace back to 1772 Ceylon thus far. I'm looking forward to reading more of your information in the coming days.
Well Done
Allan Schumacher
2015-09-11 23:11:38
Dear Kyle,
This is the first time I've spent in depth reading all the information you have on this database. Both my family names are listed here (Drieberg and Schokman), and also to see the Drieberg Family Crest. It was also nice to see my great-grandfather Bertram Lambert Drieberg, OBE in the military section of the Ceylon Engineers. You have created a great site. Thank you.
2015-07-02 22:50:32
I have found this website most useful for research into Burgher history, I have also found Kyle a fantastic help with all his help with my research, his knowledge of Ceylon history is in depth, detailed, very well sourced and accurate.
“What a refreshing site this is, here in lies all that one wishes for. I have been struggling with the Melder genealogy and other linked families, only to be frustrated and disillusioned. Your site has been the answer to my prayers in that we have made much headway with the family genealogy thanks to your continuing help and support. This is one site I keep recommending to all my contacts, in and out of cyber space. Keep up the good work, generations to come will have much to thank you for, perhaps even those gone ahead of us.
With every good wish”
Victor Melder
" Hi Kyle, Thank you so much for the blood line report, I can't believe how far back it goes!!! My husband was truly amazed and I think feels a stronger connection with his history because of it."
" Your help has re-opened my enthusiasm in this subject which I was almost at a point of giving up. Thanks to you with your generous time and patience, I am all primed to look into this ancestry even further. Its very interesting.  Thanks once again Kyle and I will be in touch."
" WOW!! what can i say...such a massive document......will arrange this week  to get attachment printed out in hard copy so i can read and then get back to you. "
"Thanks for the info. and all the details you've sent. Fantastic.  It's given us a surprising insight into our relatives !  So glad I found your website. "
"Thank you for the report and it is more than I was expecting. Thanks and I will keep you informed as more information comes to hand.
Again Thanks.  Now the next task tracking my father's family through India. So far have come to nought, but will plod on."
" Thanks Kyle for the blood report,It is magnificent. I will take at least 3 weeks to read go thro it many thanks again. Yes, i shall send you stacks of info,On our genes I have 2 box files full up  so it will be in instalments or if you send me another way its o.k. with me.keep in touch and thanks again"
" Thanks for the updated family tree. You have done a great job - thanks for your effort.  I would never have thought of putting this stuff like the way you have.  It s very clear "
" Thank you so very much.  That was way more info than I was expecting!  I wont need to search anymore.  I'm off to show my mum now, I'm pretty sure she will cry as a lot of the family info was lost when her parents died. Wow!  You have heaps of information!  I had no idea that there was any information on our family in any databases, "
“I read with interest Kyle Joustra's message. I am unclear about the genesis of the issues, but it would appear that he has been critized for getting paid for genealogy information he has provided. To all those reading this message, I have to tell you that I for one will be very, very grateful to Kyle for providing desperately needed information about my maternal grandmother's ancestry - the de Silva's. Yes, I paid him some $30 for his efforts, but this fades into insignificance compared to the valuable information he was helpful in providing me. I would have been prepared to pay much more. You have a fan in me and I thank you very much. CARRY ON THE GOOD WORK AND GOOD LUCK.

Charles Joseph (ex. Burgher from Ceylon)
“Kyle, I was absolutely thrilled to get your report, or as my children and grandchildren would say ' blown away'! I always knew that to trace this line of my descent would probably be the most interesting because of it's diversity, but also because of this the most difficult, but you have done all of the hard work for me! I knew it would be interesting but I wasn't quite expecting tales of murder and execution, especially in a church minister's family. I am pleased, if that's the right word, that I am a direct descendent of the victim, not the perpetrator. I really appreciate all of the time you must have spent on this, and I am sure all the rest of the family will be too when they see the report, particularly my brother, who some two hundred years after a family member left Scotland and the family did a complete circuit of the globe, has returned to live there, three of his children having been born there. I cannot see any inaccuracies in the report and I will update you as I get further information. Once again many thanks, this is a real treasure.”
“Hurrah!  Hurrah!    I am almost dizzy with excitement.  Did not expect results quite so quickly.  This will keep me busy for a while.... just absorbing the bliss that I actually DO have relatives somewhere!  With not one known living relative on my dad's side, why - I almost began to believe that I DID come from a cabbage patch after all!”
“I have to say I’m staggered! up to now, I really only had the "Mack" side, and only going back to 1800's...I can't believe how far back you are able to take it!
“Hello Kyle thanks ever so much for the bloodline report, it was most informative and interesting to trace back my ancestors......... I always thought my folk came from France! Just as a matter of interest when I first arrived in Aus. I worked at the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Melb. and used to handle the searches for people who were doing their family history.......... Most were disappointed to find they had criminals for ancestors.... petty though the crimes were. Ever since I have wanted to know my family history and now I do thanks to you.
Kind regards and many thanks,”
“Thank you so very much for doing our genealogy. This is something I always wanted to have but did not know how to go about it. You have done our family a great service and it’s most appreciated.
Warmest regards”
“I have today, had a look at your daughter's bloodline Ancestry Report. I am sure she will be very proud of her father in years to come. You have done a brilliant job of it. I also noticed some of my mother's maternal ancestors are included! Its fascinating! You pay so much attention to detail. This is far better than the old genealogy books our parents brought out with them, especially as you include the maternal lineage as well. Splendid work Kyle and I wish you all the very best with your remarkable project.”
“Wow, Kyle, I'm so impressed! And I am grateful. I fully agree with the philosophy that this is a treasure for future generations. I value this, all the more, as I see our DB enclave diminish over the years. I do not mean to sound in any way snobbish. What I mean by that statement is that all my cousins & self, treasure our heritage, but are "something else" now, ie, Canadian, Australian, US, Dutch. And as the sense of self as Dutch Burgher from Sri Lanka dies away, I think it is wonderful that future generations have a view of our past. 

Another thing I thought when I moved to Holland, became Dutch, was that I would find a "part of myself" here.  But it's not so. I knew intellectually that a colonial culture bears only slight resemblance to its roots. But I didn't believe it emotionally until I came to live inHolland. There are times when I wish so my parents had not taken the great "leap across the pond". We simply 'got lost' in America. And what we as a family have longed for since leaving Oz is the Ceylon/Lanka connection émigrés to Australia maintain in the Ceylon Society, DBU-Melbourne & other organisations. Not to mention rarely seeing our own relatives in Australia.

My friends here in Europe are those of my 'true fatherland' whether Singhalese, Tamil, DB, Malay. But we are few & far between and miss those 'string hopper dos' ;-) although we are trying to build on the Dutch-Sri Lanka connection here in NL. Thanks again for this. I'll try to get the Brohier info, but am in the midst of marking papers for end of term, followed by travel to the UK & States. So until the New Year, all the best & thanks ever so much for your hard work & dedication to our collective history. God bless.”
“My initial response was oh my goodness!!! Well not that polite but you get the idea.. I cannot thank you enough!”
“Its such an interesting document you’ve sent me; much like a short history of the Island.   I cant begin to thank you enough for your efforts. As for Mark’s side of the family, your information is spot on with our info to hand.  Makes very interesting reading what with Swiss mercenaries and the like !!!!!! “
“Dear Kyle, I cannot express my self to thank you on the report you sent me. It is absolutely commendable of you to provide the service you do and the passion you have to do it. I have bits and pieces of details that could be included in the report, which I would send you after I compile all the info. Thanks once again and keep up the good work of enlightening the true characters of those seeking your assistance. 
“Hello Kyle, Well you did surprise me with the amount of information you sent me, I didn’t know I had that much history on my Grandmothers side, my mother and father were over the moon, I don’t know how you do it , but thank you, I'm still trying to digest the history in the pages. I know you are very busy and to do what your doing is absolutely great.
Thank you very much, all the best” Michael.
“Thanks very much Kyle for all the detailed infor up to 11 generations which gives me at first glace that the surname origin was Belgium not Holland as we thought”
“Thanks Kyle for the very comprehensive information on the genealogy tracing back to Belgium. This is fascinating news and puts to rest my family's belief of Originating from Holland. Your prompt reply is very much appreciated many thanks.”
“Whilst browsing your vast website a few weeks ago, I felt the information you have got on it merits my humble comments.
The care you have taken with detail, and factual reporting on events and accounts of our Ancestors is quite commendable.
May I take this opportunity to wish you every success in the hard work you are engaged in linking the Burgher families, for future generations. We are now scattered all over the world, and sadly a fast disappearing race, but it is a comfort to know that your ultimate goal is to hand this information to the Libraries of Europe for POSTERITY.
Keep up the good work.”
“Yes I would like you to give my e-mail address to this other person, (I'd also like to thank you for your e-mail protocol.) Thank you for help”
“Dear Kyle:
Thank you so much for the genealogy.  I think you did a fantastic job to bring all this information together. I am sending you a separate packet by airmail with more info.  Thank you again.
“Dear Kyle,
Gosh you are brilliant.  Indigo's Ancestry is brilliant.  He will, when I have the time, get a copy - not that he will appreciate it just yet! I am having all the info I have photocopied.  It's a bit of a hotchpotch and I can't make much sense of a lot of it, but then I'm not an expert like you!  I dare say there will be stuff there that won't interest you, but I'd thought I'd send the lot just in case.  I'll send it all by post. Keep well.”
“I'm glad to have come across your site and I must say you've done a fantastic job with listing all the surnames and everything else.
I have just begun to think seriously about my roots from way back and so I've been surfing the net as much as I can for info on the my family”
“Dear Kyle, Have just picked up the Photos and information from the PO- many thanks, they will be a great addition to our collection”
“Dear Kyle, Yes I have received the reports and was amazed at the information you have gathered from Ceylon database, particularly the pictures which I think are wonderful and would like to thank you for all the time and trouble you have taken.  I am currently receiving more information on the family, which I will forward to you ASAP.  Also there are one or two amendments to the information you already have which I will send in due course. Once again thanks very much for an excellent project.”

“Thank you so much for this email they are as happy as I and also do not know where to start, so much to share....36 years to be exact....allot!!  This means allot to me and for once in my life I actually feel like I have an identity.......thank you
“Thanks so much. Amazing stuff. The family always thought they were descended from Abel Tasman so this is wonderful”
“Thanks so much Kyle - that's filled in quite a few blanks!”
“That was quick. Fantastic work.
I will show your work to an Uncle of mine to see if he can add to what you have done so far. I wont be too long with the rest of the info re my wife's family.  Thanks again Kyle. I am very impressed with the additional information you have included. They are all accurate. 
Will be in touch soon,”
“I was fascinated with the information about my Grand Uncle who died in Brighton in 1955. When I was a child I remember my Father telling me about his Uncle who migrated to Australia from Ceylon in the 1920's, but had no record of what happened to him after he reached Australia. There is so much more we know about our Families now, thanks to you.”
"Thank you for all the work you have done. You must have spent hours compiling all the material you provided.  There was so much reading and I enjoyed every bit of it.  Now that all the pieces of the jigsaw appear to have fallen into place, I know so much more about my ancestors. When I first contacted you I was hoping you could help me trace three or four generations of my Family Tree. But what you came up with simply amazed me. Tracing my ancestors back to 1401 was simply unbelievable. Thanks again Kyle, I appreciate very much all you have done and I am so grateful to you for it. In years ahead our descendants will also have a lot to thank you for. Keep up your excellent work."
“I am extremely grateful for all the data you have shared with me.”
“Wow!  It must have taken hours and hours to compile such a complex history……Many, Many thanks for sending the information.  I'll let you know what else I find.”
“Kyle I just had a good look at your very impressive Military List. It is absolutely First Class!! You certainly have put a lot of work into it, and I am sure the British Library will be very impressed indeed. Also the Burghers all over the world would be very proud and grateful to you. I know who is going to enjoy looking through this and that is my cousin, as there are some of his family mentioned in it.
“I heard about your visit but didn't expect this..............when I opened your letter I expected a short introductory note, just 'getting in touch' but what you have sent cannot be gone through in a few minutes..........this is heavy stuff at 03:00 in the morning, from the little I've seen I must congratulate you on doing such a fantastic job, feel free to keep in touch,   best regards,”
“Thanks Kyle I appreciate all your effort and time!”
“Thanks a million for all the details you have sent me. What little I had known I had given you the details. There wasn't much that I had with me but you have filled in a lot of blank spaces for me.”
“I am sorry I have not thanked you earlier for all the 'Trees', especially the one concerning myself.  I found it much easier to follow.  As you have probably realised, I only connect people by names I have heard my mother mention, and was surprised to find how everyone seems to be connected some way or another, even though a few times removed.  You have certainly covered a lot of ground.”
“It was interesting to see the name Kyle Joustra which I had come across on the Sri Lanka Genealogy site. I never got round to making any enquiries from him! Many thanks to him for the work already done on ALL the families from Ceylon/Lanka”
“Thank you so much for the reports.  Information contained in the report is more than I bargained for.  It is the best gift one can receive - to know about their ancestors.”
“This is indeed a beautiful way to do things, I must say l like genealogy but not to this point of perfection. Very beautifully done”
“I cannot thank you enough for the amount of detail you have sent”
“Thank you for all the time and trouble you have been taking in trying to track down my bloodline.”
“Thank you very much for uncle Mervyn's gift too. He was very pleased with it. I have printed a copy of both and gave them to him. He kept telling me that our uncle Peter was also in the book and said that all the points that he made had been updated with some pride.”
“Once more many, many thanks. All the best to you and yours. Cheers.”
Many thanks for the email - I've looked at the Ceylon link and what fascinating reading it makes. You've done a fantastic job with it and I really compliment you on the work you've done.”
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