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This section is more about reflecting the sort of information you can contain in a family tree in order to character build and better understand your background.
Throughout these pages you will see references to the internet and the dangers of privacy, accuracy and numerous other issues. Well you might well ask why I am putting my trees on the internet whilst placing my condition for others. Simply put, in order for you to gain an understanding of how the database works, what it might contain and the format it is presented in, you need an example. Also whilst some portions of information might still be available to add to my trees, doing what I do, it’s pretty certain I will capture it.

The ‘Bloodline’ Report

When I supply a report to you, it will always be as a ‘Bloodline’ or Ancestor Report, starting from yourself, children or grandchildren and going back to all earliest known ancestors of that person.

Descendant Trees

Descendant Reports, have been the more traditional way of presenting information however with the size of the International Ceylon Database this presents a problem. Due to the fact when people trace their family lines they can select how far they expand on a family member, the tendency is to keep it relevant and not branch out too far. With the Database however it is a project not just about one person but all people and therefore spreads itself to represent a root system of not just one tree but thousands of trees’ root systems. The other issue is that it will reflect living people and therefore privacy must be respected.

Gravenstenen Bridge 1930s

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