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Website created 21st May 2000 last revised January 2018
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Welcome from Kyle Joustra to our page of genealogy, I hope you will be able to gain some further information and enjoy visiting this site. So join us on a Trip of Discovery that is so much more than a name and a date!
Our Aim is to be of service to you if possible through our accumulated documentation or by suggestions advising where you can look for further information. This database is also aimed to include all the people of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and the family lines prior entering into Ceylon and after leaving Ceylon where possible. It also covers the character and history wherever possible.
Henrik Derksen Great Great Grandfather
Born 4/2/1848
Rudolf Joustra Father
Born 27/3/1937
Kyle Joustra
Database Statistics
126,500+ People, 55 Generations
13,100+ Surnames, 630,100+ Facts
14, 953 Places, 280+ Sources
Genealogy on the Internet

With the internet being clogged with many and varied family trees, it is hard to know what is accurate and if your privacy or that of others is being respected.  The Ceylon Database’s aim is to be as accurate as possible, to protect privacy, to provide concise reports outside the realm of the internet, and long-term it will be available free to all via libraries and respected societies across the world.
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A Guide to genealogy that can applied to any Country
Updated 2018
Addendums 1,2&3
Digging Up the Family Past Free Book
My reason for writing this book is to help others in their family research, to inspire people to grow with their newfound knowledge, and create a story that they can be proud of and that others will equally enjoy. The book reflects my research methods and shows how these have led to an amazing amount of information that I myself never thought was possible. My researches have taken me into countries like  Canada, United States of America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

Having trouble seeing the book? Google and download the latest free Adobe Acrobat Reader
How it Started
My own research commenced when my grandmother passed away in December 1998. Many questions about my family were unanswered and I realised I was curious to find out more and the background behind the name. The snippets of information I had already, really stimulated my interest.

Agnes Mignon Crabtree (nee Barber AKA Billie) was born in Ceylon (Sri Lanka ) and passed away in Chadstone, Victoria, Australia, she was very much a part of the Dutch Burgher lineage and surname changes. As my understanding of Ceylon grew, so did the realisation that records and information were not only deteriorating but near impossible to obtain. This was in contrast to availability from the UK or Holland.

For this reason I decided to link all the ‘trees’ and people of Ceylon that I come across, only using DBU Journals only as a starting point. I have now included details from DRC Wolvendaal Registries; various Books, (many old ones have a quantum of information) and genealogical and occupational information provided by numerous people it has been my pleasure to meet along the way.

If you’re looking for further information contact me at I will need what information you have, especially if not a common surname. To start with provide your mother and father’s full names both their parents names. The more information you provide, the more interesting the reports I can send back will be for you and the more it helps others entitled to the information. If you are able to provide information that is not of your line that is great, as it benefits others.
Sources of Information Included
     Origin before entering Ceylon (numerous instances going back prior to entry in Ceylon e.g. 1340 in Switzerland,Germany 840AD, England 1100 etc)
     Occupation (Includes where known their pay and dates of various appointments)
     Education (Includes Degrees, Diplomas where known)
     Family Crests
     Journals of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
     Lapidarium Zeylanicum Monumental Inscriptions (100% entered including Coat of Arms)
     Military Information (Details on Rank and combat roles where known) UPDATED
     Individual Notes and other relevant information
     Marriage date/place (Churches, Registries etc indicated whenever possible)
     Complete Set of Dutch Burgher Union Journals (100 % entered with 99% corrections)
     Dutch Reformed Church Wolvendaal Registries (96% entered)
     Tamil Families of Achchuvely (100% entered)
     Tombstones and Monuments (100% entered)
     Immigration including ship if known and destinations UPDATED
     Ceylon Literary Register II, III & IV 1887-1890
     Civil Lists of 1901, 1922, 1928, 1946
     Dutch Archival Records 1877-1983 & 1989 (100% entered)
     VOC Acts of Appointments 1645-1796 UPDATED
     VOC Shipping Records reflecting many founders UPDATED
     Supreme Court Records
     The Times of London Newspapers, Straits, Herald Sun and numerous Newspapers
     Continuation of the line after Ceylon (e.g. SingaporeMalaysiaMalaccaIndonesiaSouth AfricaEnglandUSA,Canada or Australia)
     Images (requests need to be made)
     Numerous Church Records (Baptisms,Weddings and Burials)
     Burial Search Records
     Other Sources (Many individual contributions which are too numerous to list)

Where to from here?

I can provide a ‘Bloodline (Ancestor) Report’ and is subject to one condition. To get an example of what the report looks like click the MY TREES menu button. Fees for information are done based on the amount of information I have and I can give you an indication in our discussions. These Fees are purely to cover my time and are not geared to be a money making exercise. If it is only a couple of names or a piece of information, I am happy to provide free of charge, providing I have the relevant information you’re looking for and you agree to the condition.

These reports are for yourself and your immediate family they are not for internet forums or websites and includes your responsibility not to pass on to others whom may use for the before mentioned reasons. This does not stop the desire for the information to be used for a physical book and if in doubt please seek permission. The reason for this condition is to protect the privacy of yourself and other living people; it limits misrepresentation of information; and most importantly stops people from grabbing information without contributing information helpful to everyone. Failure to comply with the condition will result in cancellation of your ability to receive future updates and new information discovered, and may result in legal action by The International Ceylon Database or other individuals.
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