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 DNA takes off where your paper trail finishes

Protecting your DNA is important from an insurance point of view, if your intents is purely for genealogy you dont want your information used to assess viability for insurance cover and therefore you want a company to protect your DNA from use that may disadvantage you.

Tests can be on the mtDNA your mother, her mother, her mother’s mother, and so on - covering the female line which in my line reflected a Haplogroup - M1 - this proved my connection to India and not Portugal nor Europe.

The other is the YDNA which is your father, his father, his father's father, and so on - covering the male line which in my line reflected a Haplogroup - R-M269 - this proved the Friesland European line. The YDNA is only found in MALES

Results can reflect your ancestors movements going back thousands of years. The more detailed the test the more detailed your ability to go back and link other relatives becomes.

Family Finder is an autosomal DNA test that automatically finds your relatives within 5 generations. It works by comparing your DNA to the DNA of other users into amassive database.

For a number of reasons including above, i selected Framily Tree DNA, the more of us that get tested the more we can get a better picture and stronger matches, couple this with the International Ceylon Database which can confirm numerous relationships, i can only encourage more to undertake the test to help fill missing gaps.

DNA testing can also be used to look for certain traits for example, Male Pattern Baldness, Warrior Gene and various medical trails being undertaken for genetical issues.

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