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Here are a number of Family Crests/ Coat of Arms associated with Families of Ceylon/ Sri Lanka. This is not a definitively list and more are to be discovered or even submitted. To reflect a coat of arms you must prove that a person up the line was given or applied for them, it is not automatic that all people of a surname have a right to bear them. Also to note there are many companies claiming to have a Coat of Arms and in many cases theses are simply 'created'. Whilst we would all like the idea of having a family crest to link to us, it does not make you a lesser person if you do not have one, and if you do rightfully have one it is interesting to know how and why they came to be. Vairations can occur with marriage of two families bearing arms or seperate distinct families and each will have a story of how they came to be.
Have a question or want to submit a coat of arms, email me
If submitting please provide information on whom was granted and any information to prove their right to claim.
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